First Care Homes is a small and perfectly formed private care homes and retirement homes group with homes in Ipswich and Cambridge.

We provide the following services, all customised to the residents of our homes.

Frequently asked questions

Does the home use agency staff?

At Park View we are very proud that we have never required agency staff for resident care.  We manage this by always over recruiting to our team and having our own bank staff who also cover shifts.  This means that you/your relative will always be supported by people they know.  We continually monitor the care needs and dependency levels in the home to ensure we have plenty of team on duty.  We also have team members who are trained and enjoy working between departments to provide even more flexible cover.

Will a television be provided?

Each room has it’s own TV, which is connected for Freeview including radio stations which are regularly enjoyed as an alternative. The home also has been set up for access to Sky Plus. The resident will be required to provide their own box which can be connected to the homes system and be enjoyed on their own room.

What do the fees include and are there any additional costs?

All meals, including special diets, laundry and well being activities are included.  The weekly fee is also inclusive of additional services* at the home.  This includes hair appointments, foot care, manicures, clothes labelling service and phone calls.  We do charge for private escorts to appointments, guest meals and personal newspapers.

How are the care plans managed and can is see them/ be involved and access them?

At Park View the care documentation system is central to the homes running.  We have an electronic system which links the needs assessment with risk assessments, care plans and daily recording.  These are web based and are accessed by all the team as appropriate to ensure the care is safe, relevant and individualised.  In particular circumstances, relatives (with appropriate authority) can access their relatives plans on line remotely which we have found a great advantage for relatives who live abroad or are on holiday. The relative gateway also allows for messaging between the relative and the home.   The team invite the resident and relatives, as appropriate, for care plan reviews, normally 2 weeks after admission to check everything is working well and then as requested/required to ensure they are relevant, appropriate and up to date.

Are we able to have a meal with our relative?

Residents are can choose where they would like to eat their meals. The main meal times are set for the home but various snacks and drinks are always available, for example cheese on toast , cakes and sandwiches. There is also a private dining facility where we can serve anything from lobster or a fine steak or you can bring in your favourite fish and chips. This facility can be booked for special occasions or can be booked anytime you would like to dine with your relative, family and friends.

Are we able to have a tea or coffee?

The home has 2 areas where you can help yourselves to freshly ground coffee, a speciality tea or delicious hot chocolate.  These are also accompanied by freshly made home made cakes.  There are also 4 satellite kitchens where tea and coffee making facilities are available and you are welcome to help yourself.

What happens if our relatives needs change, can we help?

At Park View we pride ourselves in working in partnership with the residents and their families and friends.  The resident’s needs are regularly reviewed and plans updated with them.  The resident can advise who they would also like involved in the care plan process.  If the resident is felt not to have capacity to make their care decisions or cannot communicate their wishes then it is even more important that we work in partnership with their loved one so we can get it right.  At Park View we can support residents residential needs through to compassionate end of life care.

What do the residents do at Park View?

At Park View we believe that outstanding care is a given.  However where we make a difference is to combine this with the 2 important areas of an exceptional dining experience and importantly an engaging and motivating well being program.  Previously this was called ‘activities’ however we believe that well being encompasses a 24/7 program of engaging residents in their interests and supporting them to live their lives to the full.  Activities were about ‘doing’ something, but we believe well being is about living, being engaged and feeling motivated and encouraged to get up in the morning to enjoy the day.  Our personalised programs provide a range of engaging themes both at the home, and importantly out in the community.

Does my relative have to share a bathroom?

All our bedrooms have an en suite shower and toilet, this had been fitted to provide wet room facilities.  The showers are all specially adapted and have seats if required, or for residents with poor sitting balance we have adapted shower chairs which provide full body support.  The home also has specialist bath facilities so if preferred a full relaxing bath is also available, with bubbles if preferred!

Does the home have hospital beds?

At Park View each resident is assessed and consulted over which type of bed and mattress they would prefer.  This ranges from a simple divan as many people have at home to specialist beds which can adapt to a seated position and have integrated rails and reading lamps.  We also have a selection of very low ‘floor beds’ which are suitable for residents who are at risk of falling out of their bed but not suitable to have bed rails installed.  Residents may also bring in their own bed into the home if agreed appropriate by the care managers.

What are your visiting times?

We do not have any set visiting times at Park View as we understand at that this is the residents home and it is their decision when they would like to have visitors.

How do I know what type of care is needed?

At Park View we provide residential care, nursing care and end of life care.  We also support residents living with dementia.  The type of care required is dependent on the pre admission assessment and will be discussed fully.  As we can support all types of care it is not necessary for the resident to move home if their care needs increase.

Can I bring in any furniture, bits from home?

All the rooms come fully furnished with bed, bed side table, dressing table, arm chair and wardrobe. Residents are welcome to bring in their own furniture at the discretion of the home manager.  Smaller items including pictures and photos are encouraged to personalise the room.

Do we need to bring in anything other than clothes?

Park View supplies all the bedding and towels.  Residents are required to bring in their own toiletries and clothing.

Are you able to cater for special dietary requirements?

The residents dietary needs are assessed pre admission.  Our home chef team are experienced and fully trained to cater for all dietary needs at the home, including allergies/intolerances and concerns with swallowing and specialist textures and consistencies.

What is the structure of the home, are there nurses on duty all the time?

As the home provides nursing care there are nurses on duty 24/7.  The nursing and care team are also supported by the well being team and hospitality team so there are many team members available to support the residents.  The home manager and clinical lead are also qualified registered nurses who are also fully involved in the residents care needs and support.

Which services support the home?

At Park View we can access all NHS services, including the district nurses and community therapy teams.  We also work closely with the community dieticians, speech and language therapists and hospice at home service.  We do have a visiting dentist which is payable if appropriate as if the resident was at home and can access community wheelchair services.  We are very well supported by our local GP, who visit the home at least weekly.  If the resident is registered with a different GP they need to ask if their GP will keep them on their list or they will need to transfer across which we can do for them on admission.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us