Dementia Care

As advancements in modern healthcare and nutrition increasingly extend our lives, the number of elderly dementia sufferers in the UK is growing. Yet there are still relatively few caring homes capable of providing the comfort, safety, and high quality of life that are vital to the well being of our loved ones. This is why Park View care home is so passionate about ensuring that each of our residents enjoy the absolute finest full-care accommodation in Great Britain.

While our compassionate and qualified staff builds personal relationships with every member of the Park View community, our facilities and services rival those of the finest hotels. Not only are we fully accredited by the Care Quality Commission, but we’ve also earned awards in the hospitality sector for our first-class accommodations. So every First Care Homes resident is treated with the utmost dignity, given the diligent attention they need, and treated to the luxury they deserve.

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Compassion Starts with Understanding

Dementia is a difficult condition to define, understand, and diagnose. As we age, memory lapses become increasingly common and confusion over daily events tends to increase. Though it happens to all of us as we age; for some, the cognitive decline is more rapid and severe. And while it can be quite painful to see loved ones suffering from the symptoms of dementia, it is often all the more frustrating for those who experience their own memories faltering. So quality dementia care must begin and end with understanding: both from a healthcare standpoint and from a psychological one.

For this reason, the community at Park View is much more than a dementia care home; it is a network of support. From our compassionate, experienced, and knowledgeable staff to the tight-knit group of residents who live here, quality of life comes first.

While we do provide extensive healthcare services, we are nothing like a hospital. First and foremost, Park View is a community. So with the conviction that activity is the best form of care we can give; we foster an environment of fun and creativity here that keeps our residents happy, engaged, and feeling young.

Dementia Awareness

Unfortunately, many people with dementia live for years without being accurately diagnosed or given the level of care their conditions demand. Without acknowledging and adequately providing for the realities of their cognitive decline, we can subject our loved ones to unnecessary despair and frustration. Many assume that dementia symptoms are simply a fact of growing older, and are unaware of the measures that can be taken to help cope with them through methods such as exercise, gaining insight into life history and reminiscence.

Yet apart from the physiological realities of dementia, the psychological toll is in many cases even more difficult to cope with. It is, however, the symptom we can most effectively relieve. To do so requires a level of care, community, and comfort that many families simply can’t provide at home. So at Park View Care Home, we have implemented a living well with dementia strategy and work hard to give both the physical and emotional support to people living with dementia.

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Our Dementia Care services

With 24/7, around-the-clock care, a caregiver is always watching over your loved one, offering emotional support, reducing fall risk and assisting in all activities of daily living including:

Personal Care

  • Assisting with walking and transferring from bed to wheelchair

Lifestyle Support

  • Meal preparation and nutrition

Dementia Care Frequently Asked Questions

Here at the Park View Care Home know how tough dementia care can be. No matter how rewarding, nursing a loved with Dementia is a real challenge.

it doesn’t matter what stage of the illness you or your loved one is facing. Whether that is a recent diagnosis, or you need immediate access to a Dementia care home facility. We are here to offer a helping hand.

Below we have collected some information and frequently asked questions about dementia. From there you can see how we can give you the help you deserve.

Dementia is the collective name for the symptoms caused by a set of brain affecting degenerative diseases. These include Alzheimer’s, Vascular disease and Lewy body disease. Symptoms can vary but usually include difficulty with memory and complications in acting out routine tasks.
According to the Alzheimer’s society, ten symptoms state the onset of dementia. These include:
  • Repetition of stories
  • Frequent loss of thought or conversation
  • Feelings of anxiety, depression or anger at forgetfulness
  • Confusion – even in familiar environments
  • Forgetting the names of relatives, friends and everyday objects
  • Difficulty following conversations, television programs and the radio
  • Encountering trouble when remembering recent events but easily recalling the past.
  • Finding reading, talking and writing difficult
  • Thinking through and reasoning is a challenge.
  • People comment about the memory problems of your loved one
Many factors aid the negative progression of dementia symptoms. These include a lack of sleep, dehydration, a poor diet, high levels of constant stress and varying emotional factors. You can achieve the reduction of the symptoms of Dementia. This can be done by eating the right foods, staying hydrated and by creating the right environment for sleep and being physically active. Certain therapies can reduce the symptoms of Dementia. These are:
  • Cognitive Stimulation therapy
  • Rehabilitation therapy
  • Reminiscence therapy

At the Park View Care Home, we provide a full range of activities, therapies and treatments to help our residents.

You can find our facility located next to the charming Chantry Park on the outskirts of the historic country town of Ipswich. The largest urban area in Suffolk, Ipswich is tourist hot spot, home to a beautiful waterfront marina and bustling town square. Our residence’s location is easy to access through public transport or by car, whether that be to Ipswich or the rest of the country. The Great Eastern mainline will take you to and from London, while services operated by Ipswich buses, first Norfolk & Suffolk, will transport you around the metropolitan area. The A14 and A12 roads will make Ipswich easily accessible to the rest of the country by car.
Our care home has been fully equipped with modern technology and facilities to treat the illness. At the Park View Care Home, we are proud to be fully accredited by the Care Quality Commission. We have also won awards for our first-rate hospitality and accommodation. All those in our care  receive the dignity and respect they deserve.
Our qualified staff are compassionate and aim to build strong relationships with all those in care. We are much more than a dementia care home. We are a network of support knitted together by everyone involved.

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