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Elderly Care Services

Our philosophy is to provide assisted living when required, and a warm, happy home the rest of the time.

We want to help transform the perception of elderly care and later living by providing outstanding services and facilities, empowering resident independence and facilitating meaningful interactions within a warm yet luxurious home environment that feels like exactly that: home.

Caring for the elderly is unique to the needs and preference of our individual residents. Some may prefer a hands-off approach and continue to carry out their day-to-day activities and interests independently, all with the peace of mind that we are there should we be needed. For others, this could involve support with general housekeeping, cooking and nutrition, mobility support, personal care, taking medicines or providing companionship. Our care and nursing teams treat every resident with the compassion and respect they deserve and strive to ensure every requirement, support and need is met.

Residential care services

We strive to create an environment that promotes independence and meaningful interaction, whether residents are joining us for a long-term stay or short-term respite care. This facilitates a safe and community-led space, where residents feel most familiar and comfortable.

Whether living in residential care or assisted living accommodation, we believe elderly residents should feel completely at home with us, which is why we provide access to a range of top-quality facilities, therapies and activities that help keep their minds and bodies active and alert. Some of our regular social activities include lunches, afternoon teas and garden parties, whilst our facilities also house an on-site cinema, hair salon and therapy room.

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Nursing care services

For residents requiring more comprehensive nursing care or personal assistance, our vastly experienced nursing team provide award-winning care and dedicated support with daily tasks, medical support, meal preparation, physical therapy exercises and 24-7 care.

When you and your loved one make the decision to stay with us, we will meet to discuss and agree on a personalised care plan, whether for a long or short-term stay. Every resident will have an individual care plan that is tailored to their individual needs and preferences and regularly reviewed to ensure we provide the best, most appropriate care.

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